WTI provides a broad range of minimally dilutive, non-restrictive debt financing solutions in amounts ranging from $250K to $30M.  In selected cases, we are able to provide equity capital in conjunction with debt financing. 

While our range of investments is broad, they all share the following common characteristics:

(i) Technology or life science products

(ii) High gross margins

(iii) In the case of companies which are pre-revenue or early in revenue, backed by domain relevant angel investors and/or credible institutional equity investors

(iv) In the case of companies generating $5M+ of revenue, we are often comfortable investing in companies which haven't taken instituional equity capital

(iv) In the case of companies in revenue, strong proven growth with an expanding customer base

See Case Studies for Growth Capital

Growth Capital

Unrestricted capital for revenue generating companies to fund general operations, maintain a cash "cushion" and extend "runway" prior to your next equity financing

Early Stage Capital

Unrestricted capital for pre-revenue/early revenue stage companies to fund general operations while minimizing potentially significant dilution

Convertible Debt

Hybrid financing which allows you to take advantage of the lower cost of debt capital while maximizing available cash

Working Capital

Highly scalable capital availability mapped to your revenue driven working capital needs

Acquisition Financing

Capital to fund tuck-in acquisitions of teams, IP or revenue generating companies

Equipment Financing

Capital to cost effectively fund specific hard or soft asset purchases